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Adrian Green: The English Songbook

English Songbook The English Songbook is the debut album from Adrian Green, Tenor, Producer, Director and Founder of Convivium Records and the Convivium Singers.   Youth, Love & Loss – The English Art Song In 1888, Parry described the condition of English song writing as a ‘Slough of Musical Despond such as can rarely have [...]


The Baltic Exchange: Music for Seafarers

Music For Seafarers The Baltic Exchange, London presents, in partnership with Portsmouth Cathedral Choir, Malcolm Archer and the Convivium Singers, an original and exciting collection of anthems, hymns, part-songs and folk-songs celebrating the Exchange’s longstanding support of seafarers and England’s rich, maritime musical tradition. Artistic Directors: Malcolm Archer, William Drakett, David Price and Alexander Norman Accompanists: Marcus [...]


Malcolm Archer: At The Round Earth’s Imagined Corners

A Brief Introduction The Royal School of Church Music presents, in Association with Convivium Records, an exclusive Malcolm Archer recording At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners. This is the first disc of Malcolm’s music to be released in a decade. Directed: Malcolm Archer Organ: Dr David Price Recorded at Portsmouth Cathedral Engineering & Mastering: Adaq Khan & Kevin Hodgson [...]


Hugh Benham: A Triumph Song, Convivium Singers

A Brief Introduction… Hugh Benham is organist and choir director at St. Boniface Anglican Church in Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire, and active in The Guild of Church Musicians. He is a writer of academic and educational articles and books, and a chair of examiners for GCE Music. Some of the choral items on this disc were [...]


Convivium Singers: Jonathan Dove’s The Passing of the Year (Naxos Records)

Neil Ferris, Convivium Singers and Christopher Cromar, Piano: Jonathan Dove’s The Passing of the Year out now on Naxos Records. Jonathan Dove is one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music, and his writing for choral forces is charged with intensity and beauty. The Passing of the Year is dedicated to the memory of [...]


Peter Philips: An Englishman Abroad Convivium Singers

Peter Philips (1560/1 – 1628) has long existed on the margins of English music.  Resident in England until 1582, Philips spent the rest of his life in exile in the Netherlands.  It is presumed that Philips’s Catholicism was the motivation behind this move, as Catholics were not permitted to openly practice their faith in England at the time [...]


The Lost Chord Convivium Singers

On this Disc Established in July 2009 by Adrian Green and Alex Norman, Convivium Singers is a group of cathedral and college musicians who perform a wide variety of vocal and choral music. They currently comprise singers from The Choirs of Royal Holloway College, Portsmouth Cathedral and York Minster, along with members of music conservatoires [...]


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