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  • The Stanford Society

    In response to the commissioned concert by the Stanford Society and Ireland Trust, November 2013. “I was particularly impressed by the recital for tenor and piano sung so brilliantly by Adrian Green. Not only was his singing superb, but his manner and the way he communicated with and engaged the audience, displayed a natural gift.”

  • On Music for Seafarers from Executive Producer, Adrian Green

    “I listened to this new CD from start to finish with the greatest enjoyment and admiration” – Sir David Willcocks, British choral conductor, organist and composer “I’ve just listened to your recording of Vast Ocean of Light – it sounds wonderful! The organ presence and colour is excellent, the pacing is very satisfying, the [...]

  • Malcolm Archer on Adrian Green

    “Adrian is a tenor Lay Clerk in the choir of Portsmouth Cathedral, and he has a fine tenor voice with an excellent range. His high notes are effortless and very well produced and his technique and tone is enviable, and well suited to both choir blending and solo work. He has recently made a CD [...]

  • On Adrian Green’s Carmina Burana

    On Adrian Green’s Carmina Burana with Warwick School: “Thank you very much indeed for your super performance at St Mary’s last night. Your full bodied tone combined wonderfully in the falsetto of your demanding role and you added greatly to the wonderful occasion” E. B. Halse, B.Sc., F.R.S.A., Headmaster

  • Handel’s Messiah – November 2012

    “Adrian’s crystal-clear voice was perfectly suited to arias from Handel’s Messiah.  His high notes, in particular, resounded around the church and delighted his listeners. Adrian’s use of ornamentation was very effective. Clear diction and total communication with the audience were all hallmarks of his performance. Adrian has great stage-presence and engages with both the choir and his audience [...]

  • Adrian Green’s Convivium Singers Perform Alongside Military Wives at Bond Street ‘Late Night Luxury’


    Convivium Singers this week join the Military Wives at ‘Late Night Luxury in Bond Street’ Christmas feature hosted by the Bond Street Association. Taking place this Thursday, the 22nd November from 6-9pm, ‘Late Night Luxury’ will bring together the Singers, the Military Wives, under Gareth Malone’s direction, The Swing Cats, Vaults Quartet and All That [...]

  • Malcolm Archer on Adrian Green’s Convivium Singers

    Adrian and the Convivium Singers would like to sincerely thank Malcolm Archer for his very generous comments: It has been a huge privilege to work recently with The Convivium Singers on two major projects for Convivium Records. The singers are a very able group of young professional singers, who have a thirst for the highest [...]

  • Andrew King on Adrian Green’s Convivium Singers

    Adrian and the Convivium Singers are very grateful to Andrew King for his following generous comments: I have been delighted to be involved with the Convivium Singers since I was first invited to hear them early in 2011. I was immediately struck by their enthusiasm and desire to reach a high level of proficiency. This [...]