On Music for Seafarers from Executive Producer, Adrian Green

“I listened to this new CD from start to finish with the greatest enjoyment and admiration” – Sir David Willcocks, British choral conductor, organist and composer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Willcocks

“I’ve just listened to your recording of Vast Ocean of Light – it sounds wonderful! The organ presence and colour is excellent, the pacing is very satisfying, the choir sings beautifully, and, best of all, there is a real feeling of vastness to it. Thank you!” – Jonathan Dove, British Composer featured on ‘Music for Seafarers’

“As ever, Malcolm captures the beauty of the words with arching melodies and moving harmonies. It is easy to see and hear why his music is so popular – a joy for singers and listeners alike. His innate understanding of vocal technique and accessibility shine through” – Andrew Lumsden, Director of Music at Winchester Cathedral

“Convivium Singers are a group of young professional singers with a thirst for high standards, and it has been a delight to work with them too. I do commend this company to you, especially if you’re seeking recording opportunities with your own choir” – Malcolm Archer, Director of Music, Winchester College

“Take this disc, Music for Seafarers, unique in addressing the seafaring community. Savour it; the pure beauty of Malcolm’s arrangements for “Here I am Lord” and “Nearer, my God, to Thee”. Then, in contrast, the “Anthem for Seafarers”, specially commissioned by The Baltic Exchange, full of menace and the power of the sea. The extraordinary breadth and sensitivity of Malcolm’s composition made him the perfect choice when we decided to celebrate in music the role of the seafarer” – Michael K. Drayton, Past Chairman of The Baltic Exchange

“Convivium Singers and members of the Portsmouth Cathedral Choir have delivered beautiful performances of an appealing collection of repertoire. I’m delighted to have my work represented by these fine musicians and look forward very much to our future collaborations” – Carson Cooman, Composer in Residence, Harvard University, The Memorial Church, featured on ‘Music for Seafarers’

Convivium Singers
Convivium Singers, the in-house recording and concert choir of Convivium Records, provides opportunities for young, ambitious performers, composers and educators to perform new, rare repertoire professionally in concert and on disc. With recent performances including from contemporary British composers to under-performed renaissance and baroque masters, to private recital and commercial bookings, both in ensemble and alongside cathedral choir and instrumental ensembles, the Singers combine a range and flexibility of style with strong production expertise across all aspects of private, concert and commercial performance.

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